From Deià to Sóller

Passing by Cala Deià beach cove, Llucalcari and Camí de Castelló
A highly diverse excursion that combines visits to two towns (Deià, one of the prettiest towns on the island with its architecture integrated into the landscape, and Sóller, nestled into the mountains) with a very beautiful route along the coast and another of Arab origin. The itinerary could be shortened by taking GR 221, but you would miss the marvellous coastal path and would have to walk along the main highway for 500 m.

WARNING: The coastal path has some narrow and slippery stretches.

Route Details

Excursion type: Hiking

Location: West Majorca

Nearest town: Deià

Degree of difficulty: Medium

Total length: 4 hours and 30 minutes

Access: By city bus from Palma to Valldemossa, Deià, Sóller and Port de Sóller. By private car, on the Ma-10 road from Sóller or Valldemossa. In Deià there are few parking spaces free of charge.

Starting point: Deià – City bus stop

Circular path: No

Maximum altitude: 300 m

Grade: 750 m

Accumulated uphill grade: 300 m

Accumulated downhill grade: 450 m

Recommended season: Year-round


  • Deià – City bus stop

    Distance 0.000 km - Time 0 hours - Altitude 160 m

    Start the route with a visit of the town: Walk a few meters toward Sóller and turn onto the first street on the left-hand side (Carrer des Porxo). You will quickly reach a square, and go up the steps located behind the fountain. Follow the street uphill toward the cemetery and the church. Take “Carrer Ramon Llull” street down and at the end, turn right onto some stone steps (Costa d’en Topa). When you reach the asphalted street, continue straight, cross the stream and turn right. Follow the course of the stream until you reach a crossroads where you will see the first sign pointing to the right, toward the cove. Take this street, which turns into an unpaved track, to the end.

  • Start of the “Camí des Ribassos”

    Time 30 minutes - Altitude 100 m

    The path crosses two dividing walls with wooden steps and, after crossing over the stream on a wooden bridge, it comes out onto the road. Following it to the left, you will reach the cove.

  • Cala Deià beach cove

    Time 1 hour

    Highly picturesque, and inviting for a swim. There are also two restaurants open from April to October. Go back about 50 m from where you came and, to the left, you will see some stone steps, which you should go up. After about 2 min., turn left and go down to the lower terrace, in order to cross the cove along the top. There is a wooden railing, and then the path ascends slightly. You do not have to go down to the house at the end of the cove, but rather turn right. After affording you another panoramic view, the path follows the coast, and you will see numerous uprooted pine trees from the storm in November 2001. After the viewing platform, cross another one with the help of a wooden staircase.

  • Son Beltrán pine trees

    Time 1 hour and 30 minutes - Altitude 10 m

    There is a platform with a rustic stone table and a privileged area for stopping to rest. Continue level, pass by two wooden staircases, a fork to the right and, a few meters later, there is a very high stone wall to the right. Continue a few meters further on.

  • Es Canyeret

    Time 1 hour and 45 minutes - Altitude 10 m

    This rocky, nudist beach is located below your path. Here, leave the coastal path by taking some steps up to the right, on a steep slope (there is a house on each side). The path leads to another cross-wise path, which you should take to the left, passing by a porthole, until you reach a paved street.

  • Llucalcari

    Time 2 hours - Altitude 70 m

    In this beautiful group of houses, you can admire several watchtowers. Take the street up and after about 40 m, turn left onto some steps (there is a tile sign that reads “Camí Vell”). About 50 m after the last building, if you turn and look back, you will discover one of the best panoramic views of the island. Shortly afterward, cross the highway in a straight line and take the paved track that zigzags uphill. Turn onto the first paved track that leads off to the right and continue steeply uphill for 5 min., until you reach a sharp curve to the left. If you look carefully, to the right you can see the beginning of a path that will take you to a crossroads in a few minutes.

  • Camí de Castelló

    Time 2 hours and 20 minutes - Altitude 210 m

    This is also known as “Camí Vell de Sóller a Deià” and its origins date back to the period of Arab rule. Over the last few years, numerous stretches have been rebuilt. Follow it to the left, pass nearby the Son Coll houses and about 10 min. later, enter the forest. After some uphill curves and a level stretch, you will reach a threshing floor (30 min.). The path comes out onto a track and passes in front of the noble houses in Son Mico and Can Prohom. Shortly after that, you will reach a major crossroads.

  • Castelló Chapel

    Time 3 hours and 15 minutes - Altitude 260 m

    To the left you will see the paths that head to Port de Sóller and the Muleta shelter (see “Other options”). Take the path straight ahead, which later crosses a paved track (this is another path to go to Sóller). Further ahead, take a narrow path to the left. After a few minutes, the path is paved for about 100 m and then it has some steps downward leading to a paved track. Shortly afterward, cross the Palma to Port de Sóller highway straight ahead toward the town centre.

  • Sóller

    Time 4 hours and 30 minutes - Altitude 40 m

    You can return to Deià by taxi or by city bus.

Other options

Here are two other options for the end of the excursion: the Muleta shelter or Port de Sóller:

To go to the Muleta shelter or to Port de Sóller: Turn left at point H until you reach the highway, where you need to continue about 50 m toward the left (heading to Deià). There is a paved track at the first sharp curve that leads to Bens d’Avall restaurant. Take it for about 10 min. and at the first fork, turn right, passing by the Son Augustinus house. After a few minutes you will leave the pavement, turning onto the first track to the right and, at the next crossroads, turn onto the track to the left. Cross a magnificent olive grove with hundred-year-old trees and continue until you reach a fork near the Muleta Gran houses. Here, the two options go their separate ways:

To go to the Muleta shelter, take the path to the left, which crosses a dividing wall after a few minutes and descends toward the coast. Near the shelter, at the crossroads, take the road to the right, which ascends slightly and leads to the shelter at the end. This takes 1 hour from the Castelló chapel.

To go to Port de Sóller, continue straight, and right away you will reach a four-way crossroads. Continue straight, and shortly afterwards, turn right. After going around the Muleta houses, take a path to the left and cross a porthole. Walk among the olive trees, with their fascinating shapes, cross another porthole and go down toward a small stream with a third porthole. A short time later, pass by the Ca S’Hereu property on the left, in Muleta, and the path turns toward the right and levels out. After that, take an uneven stone path down to the edge of Port de Sóller. This walk takes 1 hour 15 min. from the Castelló chapel.

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