Can Picafort - Son Real

A coastal route along untouched shores with a view to a necropolis from the 7th Century BC. Later on, you will go through the woods and arrive at the homes on the Son Real estate (converted into a museum and interpretation centre) and, in the vicinity, you can also visit Es Figueral, a pre-Talayotic settlement. This public estate was purchased in 2002. This route can be followed on your bicycle.

Route Details

Excursion type: Hiking

Location: North of Majorca – Alcúdia bay

Nearest town: Can Picafort (Santa Margalida)

Degree of difficulty: Family

Total distance: 8.560 km

Total length: 2 hours and 15 minutes

Access: If travelling by public transport, head to Can Picafort from Palma, (L340 Palma - Inca - Pollença - Port de Pollença + L352 Port de Pollença - Alcúdia - Port d’Alcúdia - Ciudad de los Lagos - Can Picafort), or by taking Autocares Mallorca coach service. Take the train to Llubí and then change to the bus to Can Picafort. If travelling by car, going from Alcúdia to Artà (on the Ma-12 motorway), at the Can Picafort exit, you will see the Son Bauló roundabout, where you must turn left and travel as far as the Son Bauló hotel.

Starting point: Car park next to Torrent de Son Bauló

Circular path: Yes

Maximum altitude: 35 m

Grade: 50 m

Accumulated uphill grade: 236 m

Accumulated downhill grade: 236 m

Estimated time one-way: 00.50

Estimated time returning: 01.25

Recommended season: Year-round


  • Car park next to Torrent de Son Bauló

    Distance 0.000 km - Time 0 hours - Altitude 5 m - N39 45'33.959" E3 10'10.139"

    Cross the channel through the beach, going straight (towards the east). The rocky patches alternate with sand stretches. Litter (especially plastic waste), scattered by the sea across the shore, make this visit to the untouched shores stop short of perfection.

  • Son Real Necropolis

    Distance 1.350 km - Time 20 minutes - Altitude 5 m - N39 45'17.820" E3 10'55.981"

    The fences by the coast protect the 110 tombs where some 300 people were buried, between the 7th century BC and 1st century AD. You can enjoy great panoramic views of the capes of Pinar and Ferrutx, and the Des Porros island, located opposite you, where there are significant archaeological sites. At the back of the beach, there is a wooden staircase that goes over the fence. You can do any of the routes indicated, numbers 3 and 4, running along the flat tracks towards Son Real.

  • Son Real homes Interpretation Centre and Museum

    Distance 4.250 km - Time 50 minutes - Altitude 35 m - N39 44'14.521" E3 10'57.299"

    Despite being a public estate, the farm at Son Real is still in operation. Go east and diagonally, towards the motorway. The Museum (Tel.: 971 18 53 63) is open from 10 am to 5 pm, between 1 October and 31 March, and from 10 am to 7 pm, from 1 April to 30 September.

  • Son Real shelter

    Distance 6.880 km - Time 1 hour and 40 minutes - Altitude 10 m - N39 45'5.760" E3 11'15.601"

    It is an unguarded shelter (for bookings call: 900 300 001).A few metres behind the shelter, go over a fence using the wooden staircase (N39 45.110 E3 11.272) and go straight towards the beach.

  • Platja de Son Real

    Distance 7.080 km - Time 1 hour and 45 minutes - N39 45'9.540" E3 11'17.761"

    Go left and walk by the leading light tower used in the Civil War to monitor the bay of Alcúdia.

  • Son Real Necropolis

    Distance 7.780 km - Time 1 hour and 55 minutes - Altitude 5 m - N39 45'17.820" E3 10'55.261"

    Taking the path you already know, you will return to San Bauló.

  • Car park next to Torrent de Son Bauló

    Distance 8.560 km - Time 2 hours and 15 minutes - Altitude 5 m - N39 45'34.139" E3 10'10.621"

Other options

Near Can Picafort, you will skirt by the Natural Park of S’Albufera de Mallorca. If you wish to see the park, you must park your car by the Ma-12 motorway, beyond the bridge called Pont des Anglesos. From this point, walk for about 20 minutes as far as the Information Centre (open from 9 am to 6 pm between April and September, and from 9 am to 5 pm between October and March - tel.: 971 89 22 50), where a series of routes can be taken towards the lookout points. Some of the routes can be done by bicycle.


If travelling by car, at the kilometre 17.700 marker on the Ma-12 motorway (from Alcúdia to Artà) you will find the short access lane and car park next to the Son Real homes, where you can follow the various routes signposted.

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