Coves and lookout platforms in Formentor

Coves and lookout platforms in Formentor

Ascent to El Fumat
Cap de Formentor is one of the most beautiful places on the island. Unlike neighbouring Cap des Pinar, Formentor has no paths to make it more easily accessible and attractive to visit. The best views can be enjoyed from the motorway. The most beautiful roads in Majorca can be found along the 20-kilometre stretch between Port de Pollença and the Formentor lighthouse (see “other options”). This itinerary includes a visit to a cove on an uphill paved track covered in undergrowth (beginner level) that will take you to El Fumat.

Route Details

Excursion type: Hiking

Location: North end of the Serra de Tramuntana

Nearest town: Formentor (Pollença)

Degree of difficulty: Medium

Total length: 2 hours and 15 minutes

Access: The city-line bus goes as far as Platja de Formentor, about 4 kilometres from the itinerary’s starting point. If travelling by car, go from Port de Pollença towards Formentor lighthouse (Ma-2210).

Starting point: There is a car park at the kilometre 13 marker of the Ma-2210 motorway

Circular path: Yes

Maximum altitude: 334 m

Grade: 334 m

Recommended season: Year-round


  • There is a car park at the kilometre 13 marker of the Ma-2210 motorway

    Distance 0.000 km - Time 0 hours - Altitude 90 m

    The sheer enormity of El Fumat, our final destination, stands out above us. Continue about 100 metres on the motorway to the right (towards Port de Pollença), turn left and take the paved track (see the sign). Go right at the gate and down through a pine grove where numerous palm trees grow.

  • Cala Murta

    Time 20 minutes

    The ideal spot to make a pit-stop. You can have a 20-minute stroll (there and back) to the right of the cove as far as the Castellet lookout platform. The quays constitute the starting point which, going past the house, connected the cove with the lighthouse and through which supplies were delivered before the motorway was built. This will be our route, although further up. Go back on your steps on the paved track, across three bridges, a forest path on the left, and across the channel again.

  • Fork (unclear)

    Time 27 minutes - Altitude 40 m

    A few metres past the bridge, take right and diagonally towards a path with no signposting. A few minutes later, you will see a lime kiln and can just make out the riverbed alongside which the path to the lighthouse runs (originating in Cala Murta). Continue ahead for about 10 minutes until you reach a winding path that runs uphill through some undergrowth.

  • Coll de la Bretxa

    Time 1:10 - Altitude 245 m

    There is no need to go as far as the hill. On the last bend to the right (50 metres before the hill), there will be a path to the left. The paint marks will lead you through the undergrowth and crags up to the top.

  • El Fumat

    Time 1:30 - Altitude 334 m

    Beautiful panoramic views of the bay of Pollença and the Formentor lighthouse. If you wish to see the most amazing views of Cala Figuera, go 50 metres further west. For your descent, follow the path you took on the way up for 5 minutes and after a quick downhill slope, head north (towards the lighthouse) through a path with loose stones and marked with stone markers. You will see, further down, the zigzagging of the old path and head towards a large hill.

  • Coll de sa Creu

    Time 1:50 - Altitude 238 m

    Here you will find the old path which you should follow as far as the motorway that you took on the left. Go into the narrow dark tunnel and continue on the motorway.

  • There is a car park at the kilometre 13 marker of the Ma-2210 motorway

    Time 2:15 - Altitude 90 m

    It is also worth doing the descent from the car park at Cala Figuera (30 minutes both ways).

Other options

Other visits to Cap de Formentor: From the car park of the Colomer lookout platform, you can go for a stroll alongside the cliffs, 200 metres high, towards the platforms. Opposite the car park, there is a narrow road that you can take by car to the end. If you take the iron steps up the watchtower of Talaia de Albercutx, you will enjoy a wonderful panoramic view. If you continue towards the lighthouse, you will arrive at Platja de Formentor, where you can go for a stroll. From the car park over the kilometre 13 marker, you can walk down to Cala Murta or Cala Figuera. From the kilometre 14.900 marker, there is a path to the right that will lead you to a cove in Gossalba in 20 minutes. Shortly before reaching the lighthouse, you can walk down through the Moll del Patronet path, which was used for the delivery of supplies in the past, before the motorway was built.

In and around Pollença, you can visit the burial chambers of Cala Sant Vicenç, walk up to Puig de Maria or visit Calvari. From Port de Pollença, you can walk towards Cala Bóquer or climb the overhanging crest of Serra del Cavall Bernat.


Pay attention to: For the 200-metre tunnel on the way back (it is advisable to have a torch or reflective clothing). The path, which is in poor condition, to get up to and back down from El Fumat.

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