Puig des Teix

Loop route from Valldemossa
Despite the fact that it is not one of the highest peaks on the island, Puig des Teix (so called because of the yews that grew near the summit, of which only a few remain) is one of the most commonly visited peaks.In addition to the extensive oak groves, the main attraction is the spectacular “Camí de S’Arxiduc”, built along the crest in the late 19th century. It was commissioned by the Archduke Luis Salvador, a member of the Austrian imperial family, who spent long periods on his property there, located between Valldemossa and Deià, between 1867 and 1915.

Route Details

Excursion type: Hiking

Location: West Majorca

Nearest town: Valldemossa

Degree of difficulty: Medium

Total distance: 14.470 km

Total length: 4 hours and 30 minutes

Access: By bus line L210. Platja de Palma-Palma-Valldemossa-Deià-Llucalcari- Sóller-Port de Sóller. By private car from Palma, on the Ma-1110 highway.

Starting point: City bus stop in Valldemossa

Circular path: Yes

Maximum altitude: 1,064 m

Minimum altitude: 400 m

Grade: 664 m

Accumulated uphill grade: 990 m

Accumulated downhill grade: 949 m

Estimated time one-way: 2 hours and 45 minutes

Estimated time returning: 1 hour and 45 minutes

Recommended season: Year-round


  • City bus stop in Valldemossa

    Distance 0.000 km - Time 0 hours - Altitude 400 m - N39 42'35.939" E2 37'13.440"

    Standing at the bus stop with your back to the highway, take the street opposite you (Carrer Rector Joan Mir), turn at the second street on the right, where the football field is (Carrer Joan Fuster), and take the second street to the left (Carrer de les Oliveres). At the end of this street a path begins, and after about 100 m, it turns toward the left and comes to a wood staircase that crosses through a wall. Shortly after that, take the path to the right and zigzag uphill until you cross the dividing wall that allows you access to a level area and a forest clearing with a well.

  • Pla des Pouet

    Distance 2.230 km - Time 1 hour - Altitude 685 m - N39 43'22.018" E2 37'14.041"

    From the well, you could extend the itinerary (see “Other options”). The recommended itinerary, however, turns right immediately before reaching the well and takes you to Coll de Son Gallard in 10 min. (766 m. N39 43.701 E2 37.336). Here, you are on the “Camí de S’Arxiduc”, where you turn right and go uphill, passing by a path on the right that leads to the Cova de S’Ermità Guiem in 3 min., which is occupied part of the time and is very well-preserved. Cross a dividing wall and at the next fork, go to the left until you reach the ridge of the crest. From here, you will be able to enjoy excellent panoramic views of the north coast, especially the Sa Foradada Peninsula and the coastal area to Port de Sóller. The path continues along the crest for about 20 min. and then, shortly after widening, you will see some stone markers on the left-hand side.

  • Fork to Deià

    Distance 4.730 km - Time 1 hour and 45 minutes - Altitude 925 m - N39 43'51.780" E2 37'56.279"

    In the future this will be signalled as GR 221, but currently this fork is not easy to find (if you want to go to Deià, see “Other options”). It is not important on this itinerary, so continue straight, passing by Puig des Caragolí on the left until you reach a crossroads.

  • Fork to pas d'en Miquel

    Distance 5.460 km - Time 2 hours and 5 minutes - Altitude 908 m - N39 43'41.879" E2 38'19.140"

    If you took the path to the right, you would return to the Pla des Pouet plain and to Valldemossa (1 h 30 min.). This itinerary, however, continues along the path to the left, rises a short stretch and then descends to another fork, which is signalled with an enormous stone marker.

  • Fork to the peak

    Distance 7.040 km - Time 2 hours and 25 minutes - Altitude 880 m - N39 43'52.859" E2 39'8.341"

    Turn left, climb a few meters and cross a dividing wall at the stairs. Cross the high plain and, climbing up a steep slope, you will reach the summit.

  • Puig des Teix

    Distance 8.160 km - Time 2 hours and 45 minutes - Altitude 1,064 m - N39 43'52.859" E2 39'40.799"

    You can enjoy panoramic views to the north, towards the highest peaks, and then return to the fork in the road.

  • Fork to the peak

    Distance 9.250 km - Time 3 hours and 5 minutes - Altitude 880 m - N39 43'52.561" E2 39'8.399"

    Turn left, and after walking about 15 min., you will pass by a snow well (N39 43.647 E2 39.249), the Es Cairats unguarded shelter and the Font des Polls (which is normally dry). The track slopes steeply downhill until it crosses a dividing wall. At the next two forks in the path, take the track on the right both times until you reach the housing development, and continue straight.

  • City bus stop in Valldemossa

    Distance 14.400 km - Time 4 hours and 30 minutes - Altitude 400 m - N39 42'35.939" E2 37'13.861"

Other options

Alternative itinerary by the Can Costa viewing platform (1 h): From point B, pass by the well and continue straight. You will reach a viewing platform, the Talaia Vella (where the ruins of the S’Arxiduc shelter are) and Coll de Son Gallard, where you connect again with the described itinerary.

From Valldemossa to Deià (3 h 30 min., total): This section will soon be signalled as GR221. Follow the described itinerary up to point C (1 h 45 min. from Valldemossa). Here, turn onto the path on the left, marked with stone markers, which leads to the crags (10 min.). Twenty minutes later, you will enter the forest, where there are countless paths: at the forks, follow the signs. When you reach a dividing wall with no porthole (35 min.), turn right and follow the path covered with vegetation until you reach Can Borràs (30 min.), Es Molì and Deià (15 min.). From there, you can return to Valldemossa by city bus or taxi.


Around Valldemossa: It is worth taking a stroll through the narrow streets of one of the most beautiful villages on the island and visiting the Cartuja (monastery). Other points of interest are: the Sa Marina chapel and Caló de s’Estaca.

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