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This website was developed as part of the "senderismo como motor de desarrollo" project by the association Mallorca Rural LEADER+. The objective of is to promote hiking as an environmentally friendly tourist alternative to sun and beach tourism, helping to foster rural areas of Majorca.

The preservation and awareness of the natural, cultural and heritage-related values of the rural environment of Majorca is essential to be able to continue enjoying it in the future, keeping its ecological and scenic importance in mind.

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Mallorca Rural

Associació Mallorca Rural

Casal Pere Capellà

C/ dels Cavallers, 22, 2n - 07210 Algaida

Tel. +34 971 665 404 - Fax +34 971 665 483
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Jaume Trias
Jaume Trias + at4
Itinerary texts:
Jaume Tort, Laura Reynés and Jaume Trias
Guía Alpina Mallorca,
Jaume Tort
Jaume Trias
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